Construction Risk Management

For construction lenders, understanding construction budgets and keeping payments in line with progress is critical. Partner is here to help. Our staff of engineers and construction managers can provide a wide range of services in support of construction lending.

What is Construction Risk Management?

Construction Risk Management is a comprehensive program of 3rd party services designed to minimize the risk of construction lending. Construction Risk Management Services include:

A Proactive Approach

Construction Risk Management is a government-approved proactive alternative to a Payment and Performance Bond. This type of program can identify problems immediately and allow for corrective action, whereas a performance bond can only be called upon in the case of an actual default, Construction Risk Management is also far less expensive than a bond (usually about half the cost).

Single Point of Contact

With Partner’s Construction Risk Management group, clients are guaranteed one contact person for all projects anywhere in the country. When construction lenders work with a national group, they don’t have to explain or experience a learning phase with each new inspector they work with. Partner is committed to accurate third party reporting and great service. Partner knows that time is money on a construction project.

The Partner Difference

Partner inspectors will oversee and monitor your entire project from conception to completion. With thousands of well qualified commercial and residential construction inspectors, Partner coverage is nationwide and extends throughout Mexico and Canada. Partner offers coverage in all 50 states and has offices strategically located across the country and inspectors in every major city. With local professionals on-hand, we can meet your unique needs and offer lower fees and reduced turnaround times. Reports are tailored, as well as turnaround time and fees, to meet each project and loan requirements.

We retain the best talent and most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. Partner’s diverse inspectors possess credentials such as: Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, HUD Certified, LEED Certified, HUD Map Certified, Fannie and Freddie Approved. Partner local professionals have been living and working in their respective regions for years.

Partner provides unparalleled access and communication with 24 hours a day / 7 day a week access to our files on every project. You can download reports, invoices, draw documents, waivers, or check status updates. As a national group, Partner offers stability and will be there down the road if, and when, needed.