Green Physical Needs Assessment (PNA)
Green Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

Partner provides Green Physical Needs Assessments (PNAs) and Green Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) in support of financing an acquisition of real estate. Our Green PNAs and Green PCAs are completed as a modified and expanded scope of work similar to the ASTM E2018-08 Baseline Property Condition Report standard with the addition of green elements of interest to the client. Partner can provide energy benchmarking services, energy audits, or a Green PCA Checklist. We offer our clients an assessment of the building as it is today and a vision of how the building can perform better in the future.

Our Energy Benchmarking product offers the client an understanding of the building's energy usage intensity and allows the client to compare that intensity to similar buildings. Partner will benchmark the building's energy usage via EPA's Energy Star Portfolio Manager and our own proprietary modeling software.

The Energy Audit is a comprehensive model of building's energy usage, its energy using equipment, and building conditions that may cause excessive energy consumption. Once a building's energy consumption is modeled, energy reduction projects can be identified. The purpose of the energy audit is to identify Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) in a detailed manner to allow building owners and managers to make implementation decisions based on their current and future business goals. Our Energy Audit Report will rank each EEM on basis of its return on investment. Often times the decision to implement EEMs are based on need, budgets, capital investment return criteria, green branding goals, and sustainability goals.

Partner is one of the nation's largest providers of Property Condition Assessments and our sister company Partner Energy provides Energy Benchmarking and Energy Audit Services to the commercial real estate industry nationally. Partner employs server Certified Energy Managers, Professional Mechanical Engineers, and career energy professionals. The combination of Partner's national stable of Property Condition Assessment inspectors and Partner Energy's deep expertise in Energy Audits and implementation of EEMs makes Partner a great choice for your Green PNA or Green PCAs.