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Adaptive Reuse & Redevelopment in Urban Markets

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Building Liabilities - Asbestos, Lead and Mold, Oh My!

How do these and other building hazards create liabilities for real estate investors and owners? This webinar will give you an understanding of:

  • Getting the right scope of due diligence to identify these hazards in your assets
  • Options to address issues identified
  • How to safely and efficiently manage your assets to minimize liabilities throughout the life of ownership
  • Click here now to view this on demand webinar.

    Lender’s Environmental Policy Writing Workshop – See How the Pros Do It!

    As lenders enter new markets and adjust to changing regulatory pressures, many are revisiting (or writing for the first time) their policy for managing environmental risks in commercial real estate lending. This webinar features policy experts in a live discussion on writing and implementing an environmental policy that balances competitiveness with risk management.

  • Critical questions to ask before creating your policy
  • Translating that information into a usable policy
  • Practical application and training
  • Click here now to view this on demand webinar.

    Lender Compliance in the New Regulatory Landscape - Bill TryonUnder Pressure - Lender Compliance In The New Regulatory Landscape
    It’s no secret that since the recession, regulations like the Dodd Frank Act and a tighter credit climate have made risk management a greater priority across the commercial real estate and lender communities. More recently, updates to the OCC’s Handbook for CRE Lending have placed greater emphasis on policies and procedures to manage environmental and construction risks.

    Gain critical insight on how to tackle risk and satisfy regulators.

  • Brief overview of environmental and construction risks in lending
  • What regulators are now looking to see in a lender’s risk management policy and procedures
  • How lenders can approach creating or updating these policies and procedures
  • What lenders should consider about new vendor management requirements
  • With an expert panel of lenders and risk managers, this webinar is a can’t miss for those wanting to successfully navigate this new regulatory landscape. Click here to register now for this on demand Globe St webinar.

    CA Energy Disclosure Law (AB 1103) - For Building Owners - July 2014 Update
    Mandatory energy compliance is now the law in California. Is your commercial building ready? AB 1103, as the law is commonly referred to, went into effect January 1, 2014, and requires owners of nonresidential buildings to benchmark and disclose their building’s energy use data prior to the sale, leasing, or financing of the entire building

    To help you prepare, Partner Energy is hosting a webinar on AB 1103’s requirements, frequently asked questions, and easy options for complying. Tune into our free webinar to learn more about the requirements of the law, recent updates, and how you can proactively ensure your building is in compliance.

    Partner Energy's John Rockwell will be presenting a live webinar on July 22nd at 10:00 am PST discussing the specific changes and requirements affecting your institution. Please click here to view on demand.