Real Estate Due Diligence 101

This page of our website serves as an introductory resource on the various physical due diligence reports that may be required for commercial real estate – a "crash course" on risk management and property valuation tools. We created it to help educate new underwriters, loan officers, brokers and other risk management personnel.  Our goal is to provide the crucial information they need to make sound business decisions.

Watch a short informational video, read an overview blog or peruse through an article. Spend a couple hours here and you'll have the basic concepts down on the primary due diligence tools, including:

This is the Due Diligence 101 Resource Page. For the Due Diligence Webinar and Partner's other webinars, please click here

Webinar: Due Diligence 101- Third Party Reports from A to Z
As commercial real estate heats up, due diligence is more important than ever. 3rd party due diligence reports can be a lot to absorb for many CRE professionals. The reports are a veritable alphabet soup: ESA, PCA, PML, ALTA… and more! To View, click here.