Zoning Reports

A Zoning Report is a necessary component for securing financing when looking to acquire a property. As well as being an informative assessment for a potential buyer, Zoning Reports are often times required by lenders. A Zoning Report can be completed within three weeks by a legal professional (doctor of jurisprudence) at very competitive rates.

A Zoning Report will advise you on whether or not your site complies with local area (setback, height, density, etc.) requirements as well as local and federal (Americans with Disabilities Act) parking requirements and use. We will also advise you of any open fire, building and safety or zoning code violations as well as any planned developments that might impact the property.

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If the property does not conform to any of the regulations mentioned above the loan as well as the long term owner ship of the property may be impacted. Lenders can require additional insurance if a property is nonconforming. Furthermore, if a nonconforming property is damaged or destroyed, or any renovations are made, it may be required to be rebuilt to comply with the current zoning code. These are all issues that are researched and analyzed by our legal professional when completing your zoning report.