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Construction Project Manager- QA/QC 532- CLOSED


Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. is seeking a full time QA/QC Project Manager to work with our Construction Services department located in our Malvern, PA office. This position specifically provides Quality Assurance (QA) Quality Control (QC) for Reports prior to issuance to the Client. The position may also perform Project Management responsibilities when needed including: writing, planning, executing, reviewing, and issuing construction reports according to deadlines and within budget.



  • Efficiently and successfully manage multiple tasks concurrently
  • Oversee quality control
  • Ability to review and assess design documents, third party reports, and opine on their adherence to the approved construction documents
  • Coordinate the efforts of Partner team members, both in-house and outside consultants.
  • Cultivate strong relationships with Partner team members in order to successfully deliver a quality product and service within a designated time frame
  • Mentor staff
  • Suggest improvements to current product templates and process



  • Perform quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) of Document Reports, Assessments, including text and appendices
  • Communicate with teams and clients
  • Effectively communicate QA/QC expectations to team members and staff in a timely and clear fashion throughout the course of the review
  • Provide solid recommendations and solutions to Project Managers and Document Writers, while understanding the Reports’ potential impact on the transaction process
  • Identify and resolve issues with project Reports
  • Provide updates as may be necessary
  • Manage PA/PM follow-up, questions, and concerns



  • Extensive knowledge of construction including, but not limited to contracts, design drawings/specifications – Civil, Architectural, MEP, Structural, Budgets and estimates – construction accounting, ccheduling, peer review, and third-party technical reports, code and accessibility requirements
  • Knowledge of building components, details and systems
  • Understanding construction administration process
  • Excellent communication skills (internal and external)
  • Strong focus on customer service
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple tasks concurrently – production with quality
  • Proven ability to successfully deliver a reviewed product on time
  • Exceptional writing skills, specifically regarding technical language as it translates to a client
  • Ability to cultivate strong relationships within a team
  • Understanding the concept of consulting as it pertains to risk management and construction activities
  • Proficient in project accounting and financial components of development and project budgets, payment applications, funding and disbursement, backup document collection and control
  • Microsoft programs, primarily Outlook, Word, and Excel



  • Bachelor's degree from accredited university
  • Minimum 7 years' relevant experience with an Architecture, Construction Management, Real Estate, or Construction firm
  • On-site project construction experience a must
  • Construction accounting and estimating experience a must
  • Sales and marketing experience a strong plus
  • A valid driver’s license



  • Must be able to read, write, speak & comprehend English
  • Must be able to communicate clearly in person and over the telephone
  • Visual acuity adequate to perform job duties, including reading information from printed sources and computer screens
  • Must be able to visit a construction job site and maneuver around and through construction activities
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania