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Partner conducts numerous environmental and engineering assessments on properties located throughout Mexico.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is the gold standard for evaluating the environmental liability associated with a real estate asset. Partner is truly an expert at the implementation of the ASTM 1527 standards. Our Phase Is are done by Environmental Professionals who meet the requirements of the EPA's AAI Standard.

Our experience in Phase Is dates back to before the creation of the ASTM Standards. Having performed Phase Is on tens of thousands of properties, we offer our clients a perspective on every property type.

"All Appropriate Inquiries" Rule

The EPA's All Appropriate Inquiries Rule governing the scope of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments went into effect on November 1, 2006. The real estate industry's response was mixed, with some lenders adopting the new standard and other lenders holding on to the ASTM 1527-2000.

Partner is providing both types of reports to the industry. Our key executives have been instrumental in instructing lenders by speaking at conferences and conducting seminars on the advantages of the AAI Standard.

Property Condition Assessments and Building Evaluations

CMBS Lenders, insurance lenders, and some portfolio lenders routinely order Property Condition Assessments (PCA). Partner prepares PCAs to meet the requirements of rating agencies such as Standard and Poor's, as well as to the scope of work defined by ASTM E2018.

Partner's PCA reports discuss all major building systems and site improvements and includes a Replacement Reserve Table and an Immediate Repairs Table. The Immediate Repairs Table identifies Capital Needs and prices for all failing or damaged building systems and life safety issues.

Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors are interested in ensuring that their investment is a solid one, with no surprises. Partner tailors our investigations to the asset and the investor's concerns. Partner can perform extremely thorough building evaluations where all major systems are tested and evaluated.

While more thorough evaluations are generally more expensive, Partner often saves our clients money well in excess of our fee by identifying major building deficiencies prior to our client taking ownership.

While our assessors are very knowledgeable, our assessments can be enhanced by our network of specialists. Partner maintains relationships with expert specialists in every building system. The specialist reports can then be folded into our Property Condition Assessment Report.

Seismic Risk Assessment (SRA) with Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Estimation

Partner can also provide Seismic Risk Assessments (SRA) with Probable Maximum Loss (PML) estimations throughout Mexico. The evaluations are conducted in accordance with good engineering practice and industry accepted loss estimation methodologies. The assessments are performed in accordance with the requirements of ASTM E2026-16a “Standard Guide for Seismic Risk Assessment of Buildings” and ASTM E2557-16a “Standard Practice for Probable Maximum Loss (PML) Evaluations for Earthquake Due-Diligence Assessments”. 

Site Observations of readily accessible areas of the property are conducted to evaluate building and site characteristics. No destructive or material testing is conducted. 

Documentation provided for review is considered in completion of the work. The level of investigation  is commensurate to the available documentation provided during the course of the project. The information  and conclusions presented in provided documents will be presumed to be true and correct. 

Levels of Investigation may vary as defined by ASTM E2026. The following are the target levels of investigation pending available documentation and information available for review: 

  • Ground Motion – Level 1 G1 
  • Site Stability – Level 1 SS1 
  • Building Damageability – Level 1 BD1 
  • Building Stability – Level 1 BS1 

Probable Maximum Loss Estimation is conducted using industry-accepted PML methodologies, considering earthquake ground shaking with a 10% chance of exceedance in 50 years, commonly referred to as a 475-year return period. Estimated losses are reported in terms of Scenario Expected Loss (SEL) (corresponding to the average, or mean confidence loss) and Scenario Upper Loss (SUL) (corresponding to the 90% confidence loss). 

The PML is defined as the Scenario Expected Loss (SEL-475) unless otherwise requested by the client at the start of the assignment. 

Report of Findings including an Executive Summary and report narrative describing the basis and findings of the assessment are provided to document the work and conclusions.

Requested Documentation for Review

For all seismic risk assessment projects, Partner requests access to all of the following documentation, as applicable. A lack of information may result in a lower level of investigation than the target levels defined above. If desired, archival research and or the review of city, county or other governmental records are can be arranged.

  • Original structural and architectural construction drawings
  • Structural retrofit/renovation drawings prepared subsequent to the original construction
  • Earthquake repair drawings / damage reports prepared following a historic earthquake
  • Original and any subsequent geotechnical investigations (soils reports)
  • Prior Phase 2 environmental investigations (that include site soil borings)
  • Prior seismic risk assessment and structural investigation reports
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Mexico City MEX 01020