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Bill Tryon

With over 30 years in the industry, Bill Tryon has developed risk management policies and procedures for one of the world’s top real estate lenders and has participated with government agencies to refine policies and requirements. He has developed a reputation for risk-based problem solving and excellence. As Chief of Construction and Environmental Services for a major real estate lender, he pioneered standards for the evaluation of environmental liabilities, property conditions, seismic and mold assessment activities. Many of his innovations and refinements have become common practice in the industry. He continues to influence due diligence practices as a member of the Environmental Banker’s Association, Co-Chair of the ASTM committee developing standards governing Property Condition Assessment, participation in additional ASTM committees, and Executive Director of the Construction Lender’s Risk Management Roundtable. As Partner’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Tryon monitors industry trends and works with clients and the industry to develop policies and practices in response to emerging issues.


Hazardous Materials Management Certification Program, UC Davis Real Estate License, California and Washington (not current) Insurance License, California (not current)


BS, University of California, Davis, CA

2020 PRISM Industry Hall of Fame Award