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Robert Traylor, PG, CHg

Mr. Traylor is a Technical Director for the Site Mitigation Group within Partner based in Irvine, California. The Department provides services from site characterization, site remediation, regulatory agency interaction/negotiation, remedial cost estimates, environmental litigation support and expert witness. Clientele include commercial industries; the legal profession; state, regional and local agencies, and federal agencies. Mr Traylor has over 40 years of experience managing all aspects of small to multi-million environmental and construction projects. Currently his focus includes environmental investigations, site characterization, soil and groundwater remedial actions, remedial cost estimation and allocation, litigation support and expert witness, for projects throughout the United States.

He helps clients and client’s attorneys navigate the complex regulatory structure in negotiations with regulatory agencies across California, including but not limited to the Department of Toxic Substances Control, Regional Water Quality Control Boards, multiple counties and other local / regional CUPAs.

He is the technical liaison for hundreds of projects performed across the United States. With this background he leads the development of remedial cost estimates for several hundreds of sites throughout the States, estimating cleanup of contaminated sites from their current status through a final site closure…or no further action letter / equivalent. Using this experience and Partner’s database of remedial cost estimates, Mr. Traylor provides statistical data to clients on portfolios of contaminated properties.

Mr. Traylor is a Subject Matter Expert for the California Board of Professional Engineers, Surveyors and Geologists. He provides technical expertise to the testing and evaluation of applicants for obtaining licensing as a Professional Geologist and Certified Hydrogeologist.


Licensed Geologist: Alaska #AA139
Registered Geologist: Arizona #19487
Professional Geologist: California #5877
Certified Hydrogeologist: California #582
Registered Geologist: Missouri #2000174752 
Licensed Geologist / Hydrogeologist: Washington #3093



B.S., Geology, University of Minnesota