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NCS Payment Processing

February 1, 2019

To Our Valued Customers,

It’s almost been a year since NCS was acquired by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. (Partner).  We hope that the changes in ownership have been seamless to you!

There will be a few changes in our process and procedures in the upcoming weeks and it’s our goal that these changes will have minimal impact on you; however, we do want to highlight a few important points... getting you paid!  

  • Checks on new projects will be issued by Partner from the Torrance, CA office and will be on Partner check stock.  When a new project is set up, the Contractor will specify to NCS whether the checks are sent directly to the Contractor or directly to the subcontractors.  The timing of funding to issue the checks will be determined based on when the confirmation of funding is received.  The funds may be wired to the Contractor, upon request.  Any stop payments or reissuance of checks will be performed out of the Torrance location and will take approximately 24-48 hours.
  • In order to achieve timely funding and expedite check release, NCS will require any missing documentation to be provided prior to completing a draw request.  Currently, NCS may request funding with the understanding that the missing documentation will need to be provided in exchange for payment.  This will no longer be the case.  Any missing documentation will delay the submission of the entire draw package.  Please make sure to submit a complete and accurate draw package.

We will keep you updated as more developments arise and we look forward to improving our efficiency during our continued relationship.


Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. dba

Nevada Construction Services