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ATP Testing, Large National Bank - 150 US sites

Project Location 
United States
Completion Date 
Saturday, March 19, 2022
ATP Testing – Large National Bank

About the Project

For this large national bank client, Partner has performed ATP testing at 10-30 branch locations per week. To date, we have completed approximately 150 sites. Project cost to date: Approximately $100,000 to present.

The scope of this project is to provide the client with information verifying the hygiene of their surfaces throughout their branches. This is done utilizing ATP swab testing which involves using a machine called a luminometer. Test swabs are inserted into the luminometer, which gives a reading indicating the level of cleanliness of a surface. Essentially, the lower the better, with the standard threshold being 250 Relative Light Units. The surfaces tested are commonly used surfaces like teller counters, customer islands, doorknobs and push plates, desks, ATM glass and/or Pin Pad, the POS Pin Pad, chairs, tables, etc.

For this project, we are not providing the client with recommendations rather just information. The deliverable is a weekly spreadsheet of the test results that is delivered straight to the client.

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