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Brownfield Remediation and Redevelopment, Commercial Strip Mall — NYC

Project Location 
New York, NY
Retail & Commercial
Completion Date 
Friday, March 17, 2017

About the Project

Since 2015, Partner’s Site Mitigation Group has been overseeing the complex remediation of Brownfield dry cleaning site in a bustling residential neighborhood in New York City. Because this property is part of a larger commercial strip mall, reducing impact to the surrounding units of this complex has been a critical part of this project’s scope.

Working with our client, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) and the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) under the Brownfields Cleanup Program (BCP) Partner has worked to obtain approvals for a Remedial Investigation Work Plan (RIWP), a Supplemental RIWP and a Sub-slab Depressurization System (SSDS) Proposal & Design.  To date, Partner has installed 10 monitoring wells onsite and advanced/sampled numerous soil borings. Early indicators suggest that soil and groundwater delineation has been successfully completed. 

In 2016, Partner completed sub-slab and indoor air sampling at this site, in accordance with NYSDEC and NYSDOH requirements which resulted in the recommendation/required mitigation of several units of the property, in addition to the dry cleaning site. Partner worked with specialty contractors to inspect and evaluate the HVAC system(s), ventilation systems and perform diagnostic testing of vacuum and SSDS design planning.

Partner coordinated with the client and the New York City Department of Building (NYCDOB) to obtain building permits for the installation of five mitigation systems and 18 suction points to depressurize the building area of concern.  The SSDS installation and system commissioning start-up was successfully completed in 2017. 

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