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Industrial Hygiene Services, Vacant Lots — NY & NJ

New York and New Jersey

Project Location 
New York & New Jersey
Large Developer in New York and New Jersey
Retail & Commercial
Project Leads 
 building developer new york new jersey

About the Project

This developer purchased a mostly vacant 800,000 square foot building to redevelop. As the building was partially vacant, the maintenance was neglected in many areas which resulted in mold growth in many locations.

Furthermore, as part of the redevelopment process, the client removed and replaced many sections of the roof and walls thus exposing the remaining building materials to the elements. Partner’s Health, Safety, and Environmental Hygiene professionals provided numerous inspections for mold growth and moisture intrusion.

In some cases, the affected building material to be remediated had to be sampled to confirm the absence of asbestos. Additionally, Partner professionals developed a Moisture Management Plan (MMP) to be utilized by all the contractors on site. The client’s insurance company provided a significant discount on their insurance for taking these precautions. 

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