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Energy and Sustainability Consulting, Carpenters Fund Headquarters — New Jersey

New Jersey


Project Location 
New Jersey
New Jersey Carpenters Funds
Completion Date 
Friday, January 1, 2010
Project Leads 
Energy Audit - NJ Carpenters Funds

About the Project

Partner professionals were hired by the Carpenters Funds, owner of this 80,000 sf, 3-story, multi-tenanted building which serves as their headquarters to evaluate the building for energy efficiency and to offer suggestions on ways to make the building more energy efficient and less costly to operate. The building was approaching 30 years of age and was all electric. Heating and cooling were provided by a network of 60+ heat pumps located throughout the building. The heat pumps were interconnected with an electric powered boiler for heating and a 100 ton, closed circuit evaporative cooling tower for cooling.

The work consisted of an inventory and assessment of existing building envelope elements and energy conversion infrastructure, an analysis of historical electrical usage and demand, and the development of energy conservation measures dealing with changes to operating and maintenance practices and new capital investment in more efficient energy technologies. Lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, domestic hot water and HVAC system controls were all considered in this ASHRAE Level II audit. Partner professionals also evaluated renewable energy technologies such as photovoltaic electric, solar thermal, wind and geothermal for suitability for usage at this building. 

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