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Geotechnical Engineering, Student Housing - Los Angeles

Project Location 
Los Angeles, CA
Completion Date 
Saturday, January 25, 2020
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About the Project

Partner provided geotechnical engineer of record services for a planned new seven-story plus basement student housing facility adjacent to a Southern California College Campus in Los Angeles. This is one of 12 ongoing developments within a portfolio.

The exploration was staged in multiple mobilizations to account for access concerns to sensitive, existing tenants. Significant groundwater was encountered, and given the presence of the site within a methane hazard zone, soils were drummed and tested prior to disposal. Partner used hollow stem auger techniques to drill up to 75 feet below the ground surface, as well as two near-surface infiltration tests using the borehole permeameter method.

Partner provided a Geotechnical Report for the project in accordance with City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety guidelines, including recommendations for soldier pile shoring, slot cutting, liquefaction calculations, settlement analysis, seismic parameters, design groundwater levels, and required lab testing by a Los Angeles certified testing laboratory. Recommendations were given for spread foundations bearing on native soils at the basement level.

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