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MEP Consultation and Design Services, College — Jersey City, NJ

Hudson County College, Jersey City, NJ

Project Location 
Jersey City, NJ
Hudson County College
 hudson county college jersey city new jersey

About the Project

Hudson County College had a need for a new Culinary Arts facility to house their existing program. They also saw an opportunity to provide badly-needed conferencing and dining facilities in the new building. Given the urban character of the campus, the building completely filled the site. Because the existing culinary program facility occupied a portion of the proposed site, the building had to be constructed in two phases to allow the existing facility to remain in operation until the program could be relocated to the first phase of the new facility. The building comprises 72,000 square feet on five floors. Twelve commercial kitchens of various types and sizes are located on three of the floors. In addition to the cooking and food preparation instructional areas, the building includes conventional classrooms, hotel management instructional spaces, banquet and dining facilities, conference facilities, office areas, etc. HVAC equipment includes conventional HVAC systems, kitchen hood exhaust, hood exhaust make-up air systems, a hot water heating system, a chilled water cooling system, refrigeration condenser water system for food storage refrigeration, etc.

HVAC equipment is all located on the building roof and in a specially designed mechanical penthouse. Very little floor space was taken by mechanical equipment. Given the nature of the facility, the plumbing system was also complex. Plumbing and HVAC installations were carefully coordinated to allow the vast amount of ductwork and piping to be accommodated above the ceilings, while minimizing the necessary increases in the floor-to-floor heights, as well as the project cost. Electrical design included lighting, power, public address, data, etc. for the myriad different occupancies in the building, and power for the extensive kitchen, food service, and HVAC equipment throughout the building.

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