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NJDEP Funded Soil Remediation Project – New Jersey

Project Location 
Freehold Township, NJ
Completion Date 
Friday, June 11, 2021
Project Leads 
NJDEP Funded Soil Remediation Project – New Jersey

About the Project

Partner successfully completed a soil remediation project in Freehold, NJ, utilizing a 100% reimbursement grant through a previously approved NJDEP UST Fund under the oversight of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA). Contaminated soils associated with a former heating oil UST were located below the narrow driveway between two closely situated historic buildings. Based on the level of impact, client objectives and geological conditions of the area, excavation of impacted soils was the selected remedial strategy.

With the inclusion of structural support by way of added permanent cast-in-place concrete foundational shoring, interior joists and structural support, and the use of a pre-engineered excavation shoring unit, soil was removed from depths down to 25 feet and properly transported and disposed. Trace amounts of impacted soil that remained due to structural and access constraints were anticipated and later addressed through the use of an NJDEP-approved alternate compliance option which allowed for unrestricted use of the property and case closure through the issuance of an NJDEP No Further Action Letter.

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