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Site Remediation and Decommissioning, Old Highway 16 — Hebbronville, TX

Project Location 
Hebbronville, TX
Glickenhaus Energy Corporation
Project Leads 
Old Highway 16 Field Decommision
Old Highway 16 Field Decommission 2

About the Project

Partner served as a project manager on the decommission of Hebbronville, TX ‘s Old Highway 16. As part of the project management for this effort, Partner performed the decommissioning of well site disturbance which included the following:

  • Removal of pump jack, misc. metal and concrete, contaminated soil;
  • Pick up of trash / debris;
  • Removal of contaminated soil;
  • Sampling for confirmation of contaminated soil removal;
  • Stockpiling of contaminated soil in staging area;
  • Push back topsoil bladed by well abandonment company and seed area;
  • Collection of dead brush, etc. amassed by well abandonment company;

Our team managed the removal of tubing / pipe from well locations to tank battery within and around tank farm area. This included the removal of liquids from tanks (tanks contain saline water, oil / water) piping, metal, concrete and contaminated soil.

Once removed, Partner conducted sampling for confirmation of contaminated soil removal as well as the disposal and recycling of contaminated soil, brush, and fencing. 


  • Removal of oil/gas production equipment
  • Removal of liquid from and removal of three 210 barrel (8,820-gallon)
  • Removal of approximately one mile of product flow piping
  • removal of approximately one mile of power lines;
  • Excavation of petroleum impacted soils at multiple locations with confirmation sampling; and,
  • Treatment and land farming of impacted soils.

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