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Answering a Few Questions about LA’s Seismic Retrofit Ordinances

Seismic retrofit ordinances are now in effect in San Francisco and Los Angeles

Although seismic retrofit ordinances are now fully in effect in San Francisco and Los Angeles, many property owners and lenders still have questions about the applicability and impact of these new rules. The recent LA Seismic Retrofit Resource Fair attracted a huge crowd, and San Francisco’s Earthquake Safety Implementation Program (ESIP) will be hosting another fair on April 18th to provide further resources and technical assistance to owners, lenders, brokers, and investors who may be impacted by the ordinance.

Partner also recently hosted a webinar about the LA Seismic Retrofit Ordinance to help those affected address new requirements as efficiently as possible. The webinar clarified specifics of the ordinance, various compliance options and available financing mechanisms, and can now be watched on demand free-of-charge via our website. During the webinar, we received several great questions, which readers may find helpful.

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