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Four Unexpected Boosts to Your Office Property's NOI

Leverage the technology in your office building

In today’s tough office market, it’s hard to find ways to boost NOI. Rents are highly competitive, and operating expenses are tight. Shifts in tenant expectations and use of office space have created new leasing challenges. There is, however, one underutilized avenue to increase revenue, decrease expenses, and attract tenants: building technology.

Office properties contain numerous computerized systems, from parking automation and elevators to security systems, tenant networks and more—it’s not uncommon for a building to have twenty or more separately networked systems. Many building owners and managers have little understanding of the technology systems in their properties and only address them when they fail. By shifting their approach to a proactive strategy for building technology, building owners and managers can not only avoid technology headaches but save money, find untapped income sources, and improve tenant experience. 

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