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Going Green: The Value of Working with a Product Agnostic Energy Consultant

An energy consultant can help you identify the best solutions to meet your “green” goals.

Oftentimes building owners are overwhelmed with salesmen pushing their innovative products at great promise for more efficient buildings. Making energy-efficient changes to appliances and electronics, heating and cooling equipment, can all aid in creating a more energy efficient building, however, being green goes beyond the purchase. Savings are not always the same for all products and uses—a technology that might save a lot of energy in one instance may offer little improvement in others. A variety of factors should be taken into consideration to determine the most suitable energy efficiency measure. This includes building specifications and uses, sustainability and efficiency goals, as well as budget and available incentives. An experienced energy consultant specializes in considering all aspects and help find the best solution to meet specific goals and requirements. When considering implementing energy-efficiency measures, it pays to engage an energy consultant.

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