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How Can I Be GRESB-Ready?

The 2015 GRESB Survey, portfolio owners are looking to improve building energy and sustainability.

The Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is an industry-driven organization committed to assessing the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios (public, private, and direct). This assessment takes the form of an annual rating based on a comprehensive portfolio level survey of how a real estate fund owner or manager is performing in terms of building energy efficiency, environmental and social impact, and sustainable governance.

With this information, GRESB aims to improve transparency and provide critical business decision information for commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio investors. A cornerstone philosophy of GRESB is the idea that sustainable funds and portfolios are a safer and more valuable investment due, in part, to lowered operating and maintenance costs and the fact that market drivers are increasingly rewarding energy efficiency. As a result, a positive GRESB score is an indication that investors will get a better return on their investment.

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