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Lead In Drinking Water Testing No Longer Optional For New Jersey Schools

Find out what the specifics are and what steps you need to take to be compliant.

Earlier this year, the results of annual water quality testing in specific New Jersey public schools were released to the public. Some of these results revealed that staff and children had been exposed to water contaminated with dangerous levels of lead. Up to that point, the testing of water for lead contamination was done voluntarily and the results were rarely released to the public.

As this issue continued to be a headline news story, local officials took action to protect human health from lead exposure. The New Jersey State Board of Education has issued requirements for the immediate testing for lead in drinking water in all schools within the State of New Jersey. This includes public school districts, privately-run schools, charter schools, renaissance schools, jointure comussions, educational services commissions, approved private schools for students with disabilities acting under contract to provide educational services on behalf of New Jersey public school districts, State-funded early childcare facilities, and receiving schools.

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