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Save Money by Budgeting for Regular Roof Maintenance, Not Reroofing!

proactive inspection can extend useful life

As an owner, investor or facility manger, how much value do you place on your property’s roof? Out of sight, out of mind? Or do you hope to extend your roof’s useful life beyond the term of your loan? Roofs are one of THE single biggest ticket items for real estate portfolio owners, especially for properties like warehouses, retail centers and office complexes. They are expensive to replace, problems that are not maintained can be difficult to fix later, and roof damage can have secondary impact on the rest of the structure and building envelope.

Partner Engineering and Science's roof specialists Jay T. Henning, RRC, RRO and Phillip D. Miller, Assoc. AIA, AssocRICS have authored a blog on GlobeSt about proactive services to extend the life of your building's roof, and what to do if you do need a roof replacement. To read the full blog, click here.