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The 1-2-3 of Why MEP Matters To Developers And Investors

Effective MEP design is a primary building block for efficiently planning, managing, and operating a facility.

Those involved in the commercial real estate, engineering or construction industries are likely familiar with the acronym “MEP,” which stands for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and refers to the “systems” of a building. But, many don’t know much more than this, or why MEP is a critical component of building design.

When we hear the term “MEP,” it could be referring to any number of mechanical, electrical or plumbing systems throughout a building structure. While MEP is often the most underappreciated part of building design, it is often the most critical part of successful building planning and performance. So, what are the critical 3 steps to consider to ensure the MEP of a building doesn’t negatively affect the development, operation, or value?

Learn what the three critical steps are in this GlobeSt blog.