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What Services Does a Facility Condition Assessment Include?

How is a Facility Condition Assessment Different?

The term FCA stands for Facility Condition Assessment (FCA). An FCA assessment is an assessment of a building for the purpose of the owner to understand the physical condition and the value of their asset, develop capital budgets, and prioritize resources. Two approaches are used to constitute a comprehensive assessment of the facilities conditions and then are combined as follows: Physical Condition Assessment (or Life-Cycle Modeling, or both): Physical condition of the building and infrastructure system Functionality Assessment: Functionality of the space for its intended purpose The difference between an FCA assessment and a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is slightly different as far as the reporting purposes since the FCA assessment is completed either after a property changes hands or when a long-term owner of a real estate property wants to reevaluate their space the PCA assessment is for those looking to purchase or lease a commercial property.

It is suggested that FCAs should be conducted annually for all assets that are at or near the end of their useful life as determined by the life-cycle tracking system.

Typical Services Included Within an FCA Assessment

  • An FCA scope is often customized, but generally includes: Site inspection (s) to observe the general site improvements and conditions of all major building systems
  • At minimum the assessor doing the FCA assessment should be a structural engineer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, cost estimator, architect, and/or skilled-trade techs

The Following is an Example of Standard Services to be Included in the FCA Assessment Report:

  • General building information
  • Detailed assessment summaries
  • Inspection team data
  • Detailed assessment totals
  • Facility condition categorization descriptions
  • Deficiency audit reporting
  • Photographs and drawings

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