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Who Knew Due Diligence Professionals Are Saving the World?

Joe Derhake, PE writes for EDR’s Connect site about how due diligence professionals are changing the world.

When I get asked about my, or our industry's, contribution to society I like to say that "The real estate industry owns the world and we're making it better." That's a bold claim, but I do believe the due diligence industry plays a big role in improving buildings across the country—making them safer, greener, cleaner, and more valuable.

That's because more properties get cleaned up, energy-optimized, seismically-retrofitted, or otherwise improved during a real estate transaction or project. As DD professionals we're called in before the sale of a property or the closing of a loan to look at things like the building condition, contamination, or industrial hygiene risks. Any issues identified can then be fixed before the sale or loan goes through, thereby making the building better.

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