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Winter Roof Maintenance Preparedness for Property Owners in Ohio

save money and ensure quality by planning ahead

As all Ohioans know, we very much reside in a four-season climate. And when our winter comes, it comes early and stays late! On top of forcing us to shovel driveways and trudge around in snow boots, this creates some issues for property owners looking to maintain, fix, or replace their roofs. Many of the materials used to ensure a roof is properly insulated are pliable and require excellent adhesion. This must be done in above-freezing temperatures, which is difficult in the wintertime. The presence of precipitation and permafrost also make it hard to prevent water intrusion in roofing work.

Because of these challenges, roofing work in Ohio is generally best done in three of four seasons, especially Spring and Summer. As property owners and investors with properties in Ohio approach the winter season, it is preferable to defer inspections or maintenance items. Prices are low, but it’s not when you get your best work. Instead, use winter to plan necessary maintenance and work for the warmer months and to tie down prices and contractors when they are available in the Spring.

Most importantly, now is also the time to engage with knowledgeable consultants to guide you through the process, ensuring that it is done right and that you save money. We can help confirm that a new roof is being built right and on schedule through our construction progress monitoring services. We can provide a certified roof inspector professional on site to evaluate work, create plans and provide a roofings system condition assessment (RSCA). Temporary maintenance and emergency fixes can also be navigated during any season.

Before you do roofing work, we can give you detailed facility condition inspections and roofing assessments. Along with code reviews, core samples and moisture scans, this helps to evaluate necessary repairs, the remaining useful life of the current roof, and plan for upgrades, maintenance, repairs and replacement.

If you have multiple properties, and our consultants look at the entire portfolio, we can even help owners and investors save money by bidding on roofing work for all of them at once. Most people only think of one building at a time for maintenance, repairs or even replacement. But you can save a lot of money by bidding on all of the buildings as one collective project.

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