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Compaction Testing

Compaction Testing also known as Density Testing, Sand Cone Testing, or Nuke Gauge Testing. These tests are a way that quality control testing can be performed on earthwork being completed in the field by a contractor. In both cases, the technician performing the tests needs a relatively flat surface to be cut onto the completed surface. The technician will either hand excavate a hole or punch a hole using a think soil nail. For the sand cone test, the soil excavated from the hole is carefully captured and weighted. The hole is then filled with sand of a known bulk unit weight – allowing the hole volume to be calculated. The moisture content of the soil is then measured in the lab. To run the nuclear test, a pin containing a radiation source is pushed into a hole punched into the soil using a thick soil nail. The gage calculates the amount of radiation that is blocked from reaching its sensor by the underlying soil, and then determines the density of that soil.