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2020 CLRM Journal

2020 CLRM Journal

BY BILL TRYON | Published February 13, 2020

Welcome to our second annual edition of the Construction Lender Risk Management Journal! The CLRM Roundtable was formed in 2013 as an open forum for construction investors, lenders, and other stakeholders to talk about common industry challenges and share ideas and solutions for managing inherent construction risks. Though construction investments and finance have taken place for hundreds of years, there is no recognized way to oversee and manage related risks. By providing a place to connect with peers and exchange diversity of thought from experts in their respective fields, the Roundtable aims to helps build prudent and consistent construction risk management practices. 

In the 2020 CLRM Journal, we’ve collected insights from the CLRM community covering key market and construction trends for the coming year, bond alternatives that are gaining industry traction, sound advice from lenders on problem projects and the value of a good inspecting consultant, how technology can drive efficiencies and reduce costs, a construction contracts tutorial for the savvy financier, and risk management tools for the entire life cycle of a construction project. 

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