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Asset Management Strategies for 2019 Newsletter

From the Roofline to the Bottom Line: Insights for Asset & Facilities Managers

Looking ahead to the new year, we've compiled a few helpful articles and a little inspiration to help you keep your assets performing at their best. Whether you're starting off the year on a brand new budget or you operate on a different fiscal year, it's always the right time to learn new strategies to maximize the value of your portfolio.


Bob GeigerFine Tune Your Budgeting Game in 2019

How did your 2018 facility budget hold up? Did unexpected expenses derail your projected NOI?  In this article from Buildings Magazine, Partner's National Client Manager Bob Geiger reviews the process for making an accurate facility budget that you can stick to, including some strategies for getting the most out of your maintenance dollars.


Brian Nemetz, CMC Partner Engineering and Science, IncIdentifying & Mitigating Unseen Contaminants

When it comes to environmental concerns, what you can't see can hurt you--or at least expose you to liability. How can you detect these colorless, odorless threats? In this Q&A with Connect Media, Partner’s Technical Director of Industrial Hygiene, Brian Nemetz, CMC, offers insight into identifying and managing these contaminants to prevent impact to human health, and protect you from liability now and in the future.


Life Cycle Services for Healthcare REITLife Cycle Services for a REIT Portfolio

It takes a unique company to support the needs of asset managers at a leading healthcare REIT, who manage over 1200 properties throughout the United States, Canada and the UK. Thanks to our international service area and range of solutions, we're able to service these assets from acquisition to disposition, helping our client deliver maximum returns to its investors. Over our 10-year relationship with this S&P 1000 firm, Partner has provided property condition assessments, asbestos surveys and O&M plans, portfolio-wide energy audits and more. Read the full project description here.


Regular Roof Maintenance, Not ReroofingAn Ounce of Prevention: Extending Roof Life

As a facility manager, how much value do you place on your property’s roof? Do you hope to extend your roof’s useful life beyond the term of your loan? Partner's roof specialists Jay T. Henning, RRC, RRO and Phillip D. Miller, Assoc. AIA, AssocRICS discuss practices to extend the life of your buildings' roof systems, and what to do when you need roof replacement, in this post on


Partner's Equity Services Team

We're proud of the team of experts we've built to serve our base of investors, building owners, and asset and facility managers. We've recently added three such experts who specialize in Property Condition Assessments, building systems and construction services. Don Ohle is an EIT with fifteen years in construction risk management and building assessments. Jay T. Hennings is a Registered Roof Consultant and Registered Roof Observer with over fifteen years performing roof assessments, roof design and property condition assessments. Charles Welch specializes in mechanical and electrical systems with over fifteen years in project management, design and assessment.  These specialists, and their counterparts throughout the Partner organization, can provide solutions to your most complex building challenges.

Partner Equity Services Team