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Bill Tryon Invited Back to Speak at RMA

Tryon will be a panelist for RMA’s 2015 Annual Risk Management Conference.

TORRANCE, CA  July 28, 2015 — Partner’s Director of Strategic Development Bill Tryon will return as a panelist for RMA’s 2015 Annual Risk Management Conference. The break-out session will focus on the impact that the High-Volatility Commercial Real Estate (HVCRE) rules have had on the construction lending industry.

Bill Tryon will join Dev Strischek (SunTrust) and Richard Hamm (Advantage Consulting) to discuss best practices in construction risk management, structuring RECAD units and addressing HVCRE rules.

Losses from construction lending contributed to bank failures during the recession, but lenders with strong risk management and internal controls were better able to weather the recessionary storm. Construction lending is challenging, even when times are good. The panel will share insights into practices to help lenders recognize and deal with problems, even before the loan is made.

In addition, HVCRE rules require regulated lenders set aside higher reserves for certain construction loans, which can result in increased borrowing costs or decreased return on investment. The panel will discuss the latest clarifications from bank regulators as well as approaches to limiting the impact of HVCRE requirements.

RMA 2015 Annual Risk Management Conference offers a host of panels focused on providing attendees with the knowledge and tools to better understand risk, liabilities and opportunities surrounding “the current regulatory environment, the future of banking and the economy.“ The conference will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston on November 1-3. For more information visit the conference website.