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Former IVI Team at Partner

Over the past few years, we have been proud to have welcomed so many former IVI Assessment Services (also known as IVI Due Diligence, IVI International (Construction group), IVI Environmental) professionals to Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.  With a rich history and some of the most esteemed due diligence professionals in the industry, IVI was a respected competitor of Partner’s for many years.  Now, many of the biggest names from IVI are now on the Partner team.  If you had a great experience working with IVI, let Partner become your trusted advisor.

Charles Mulligan, former IVI CBRE, managing director at Partner Engineering and Science, biography, credentials, and contact information.  

Environmental Team - 

Some of the environmental professionals that have joined Partner from IVI Assessment Services, IVI Due Diligence and IVI Environmental teams include: 

Robert Barone, Director   

Construction Team -  

Some of the construction  professionals that have joined Partner from IVI International's construction team include:


Building Assessments/Envelope -

Some of building assessment and envelope professionals that have joined from IVI Assessment and IVI Due Diligence include:

  • Justin M. Lia, PE, LEED AP
  • Tony Lau, RA, LEED AP
  • Elizabeth Ruggles
  • Pasquale Riccardelli
  • Matt Miller
  • Andrew McClintock
  • Michael LaFalce
Sara Ehrentreu, Zoning Operations Manager at Partner ESI  

Zoning - 

Some of the zoning professionals that have joined Partner from IVI Assessment and IVI Due Diligence's zoning team includes:



- Veteran Engineer Justin Lia, PE, LEED AP Joins as Managing Director

- Industry Pioneer Robert W. Barone, R.A., LEED AP, Joins Partner

- Scott Pritchard Joins Partner as National Client Manager