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Irma – We're Here to Help

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.’s thoughts are with all those affected by the unprecedented loss, damage, and lives impacted due to Hurricane Irma. We are ready to assist our clients affected by this tragedy in any way that we can to restore and rebuild their businesses and commercial real estate assets in the weeks and months to come.

How we can help assess and address damage to your assets:

  • Industrial hygiene assessments for mold, asbestos, and other building hazards
  • Commercial building assessments and forensic engineering to assess conditions of roofs, façades, structural systems, MEP systems, and other building systems
  • Environmental investigations to address spills or other environmental impacts caused or exacerbated by the storm

For assets requiring rebuilding and restoration:

Our local resources:

With offices in Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Jacksonville and additional boots on the ground throughout impacted areas, we are ready to mobilize.  Please reach out to any of our local team, or your dedicated Partner relationship manager, for assistance:

Other helpful resources: 

  • Where should you begin mitigating CRE impacts after a hurricane? Partner’s President Frank S. Romeo, Jr. offers guidance and some lessons learned from Superstorm Sandy.
  • Does the CRE industry need a standardized Wind Risk Assessment?  Partner’s own Jane Powell, PE will chair a committee to evaluate and create standards for “Wind Probable Maximum Loss” reports.

As recovery efforts begin to ramp up, Partner is committed to providing the additional resources required to respond to our clients’ needs during this time.  We hope that all of the residents of the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts remain safe during this devastating event.