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Morris Neal, RA Named to Head Up Partner’s Facility Condition Assessment Practice

Morris Neal

Torrance, CA – October 18, 2016 – Morris Neal, RA (Lombard, IL) has been selected to take the helm as the Technical Director of Facility Condition Assessments, as this business continues to see tremendous national growth.


With over 25 years of experience providing architectural and consulting solutions to a variety of clients, including significant international portfolios while at Partner, Mr. Neal understands the unique needs of asset managers and facility owners and will continue to grow the service on a national level.

“Our Facility Condition Assessment practice has been quite successful and we are excited for Morris to lead this practice to its next evolution. The deep expertise that he and the team bring, combined with our national and multidisciplinary engineering assessment team, are key to exceeding our facility clients’ expectations,” said Partner’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Joe Derhake.

Mr. Neal has provided leadership as Partner’s Senior Project Manager in the execution of equity Property Condition Assessments and Facility Condition Assessments for various commercial real estate investors and owners. Tapping into Partner’s pool of resources, Mr. Neal’s strong architecture background will offer clients a unique perspective on their asset. “This is an exciting position for Partner to be in, it allows us to further our goal of serving real estate investors at any stage of the asset lifecycle – during the transaction, capital planning and budgeting, and beyond.  We look forward to continuing to build lifelong relationships and trust with our clients,” said Mr. Neal.