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Partner Energy to Provide No Cost Energy Audits for Oncor Customers

Partner Energy will offer no-cost energy audits for qualifying facilities in Texas.

Dallas, TX—Partner Energy, a nationwide provider of energy consulting services will provide no‐cost energy audits of commercial, governmental, educational, worship, and nonprofit commercial facilities for qualifying Oncor customers in Texas, announced Partner Energy President Tony Liou.

Under Oncor’s Commercial Energy Audit Program (CEAP), Partner will assess a facility’s energy performance and identify cost‐effective energy efficiency improvements, according to Liou.

“An energy audit is a hands‐on assessment of a building’s energy usage, its energy using equipment, and building conditions that may cause excessive energy consumption,” said Liou. “Once a building’s energy consumption is understood, the audit identifies and recommends projects that can reduce energy consumption or increase efficiency, as well as the estimated costs to implement, savings and payback period.”

“While the ultimate goal is to reduce energy consumption, an energy audit also can help building owners increase asset value through reduced operating costs and increased revenue,” added Liou.

Governmental, educational, worship, non‐profit buildings served by an Oncor meter as well as commercial office buildings with a peak demand less than 250kW are eligible to participate in the no‐ cost audit program. For non‐qualifying commercial buildings, Oncor, which is the largest regulated electric delivery business in Texas, provides a 50 percent cost‐share incentive.