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Partner Hosts Second Annual CLRM Roundtable

This year's Construction Lender Risk Management Roundtable will be held in Phoenix, Arizona.

Torrance, CA—The Construction Lender Risk Management (CLRM) community is preparing for the second annual Construction Lender Risk Management Roundtable, to be held on March 2-4, 2015 in Phoenix, Arizona. The roundtable brings together lenders, risk managers, lawyers and consultants to discuss construction risk management policies and issues facing the industry in today’s regulatory and credit climate, and to share strategies for dealing with these issues.

Effectively managing construction lending risks and regulatory pressures while remaining competitive is critical to the long-term sustainability of the construction industry. The CLRM initiative was formed in 2013 to help facilitate real conversations among a peer group of construction lenders. The forum aims to further discussion about the value of standardization and a proactive approach to managing physical and engineering risks, as well as underwriting and loan administration issues associated with construction lending.

“We hope to build on the fruitful discussions held at and following last year’s roundtable, which have added momentum to the establishment of uniformity of scopes of work and best practices across the industry” said Joseph Derhake, PE, President of Partner. “With so many of the industry’s key players in one room, real progress can be made to address these much-needed items.”

The 1.5 day, by-invitation-only event will include a combination of round-table discussions and speaker presentations that address:

  • Regulatory pressures and best practices in the current construction and financial environments
  • How to create a competitive advantage while better managing risks
  • Technology trends
  • Identifying and addressing red flags during the due diligence and construction management process and
  • Syndicated Transactions - managing risks and expectations with multiple cooks in the kitchen.

“The success of last year’s roundtable confirmed the demand for this kind of forum,” said Bill Tryon, Director of Strategic Development at Partner. “The meeting gives lenders the chance to share perspectives, insights and concerns, hear from regulators and discuss changes in the industry to evaluate their processes against others in the industry, and to work together to build consensus on key issues.”

The CLRM Roundtable 2015 is presented and largely funded by Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. in association with key industry partners, and will be attended by professionals from 38 different construction, lending, and investment institutions across the country.