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Partner Named an ENR Top 500 Design Firm

Partner jumps up 52 spots on the 2017 ENR Top 500 Design Firms list.

For the fifth straight year, Partner continues to climb the ENR Top 500 Design Firms list. This year, we are proud to announce we jumped up the list 52 places, cracking the top 200 and happily occupying spot #192.

This news comes as the market for construction design services is poised for a takeoff, with major design firms preparing for the Trump administration’s funding and tax proposals to translate into new development.

So far, 2017 has proven to be an optimistic year in terms of market health, with many of the firms on this list citing early indications that clients, particularly on the private-sector side, think the new administration will cut taxes and regulations, and encourage new capital investments.

"Commercial real estate private-equity firms are seeing all-time highs in fund-raising. Generally, these funds are creating investments that will drive work for engineers,” says Joseph P. Derhake, CEO of Partner Engineering and Science Inc.

More on the full list can be found here.