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Partner Ranked #1 Environmental Firm in U.S.

EDR Scorekeeper again names Partner as the country's leading provider of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments.

TORRANCE, CA - Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., a national provider of environmental and engineering due diligence services, has again been rated the #1 environmental due diligence provider in the United States for Q4 2015.

The list is published by EDR Scorekeeper, the leading market monitor for the environmental due diligence industry providing strategic and quantitative analysis of Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) activity nationally, regionally and by state. Partner has topped the national list for 5 years in a row, and also consistently ranks at number 1 for several states around the country.

Although a slowdown was reported in the volume of assessments done across the industry in the 4th quarter, Partner’s numbers in fact continued to climb. According to the EDR Scorekeeper, Partner performed more than 4,500 Phase I ESA’s, up 14% from the year before. In contrast, the overall US Phase I ESA market was down almost 7%, and EDR’s top 25 firms performed 12% fewer reports than in Q4 of the year before.

With headquarters in Torrance, CA as well as in Eatontown, NJ, Partner again had the biggest share in the ESA market in both states. The company was also ranked the number one firm by ESAs performed in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, and Nevada.

Partner’s CEO Joe Derhake credits an industry-wide trend of consolidation for its unprecedented growth in 2015. “Regulatory changes, a tighter risk credit climate and a greater focus on 3rd party vendor management is driving lenders to bigger, more stable and established due diligence firms” he says. “They’re looking for a safer choice, and a firm that can deliver the expertise and qualifications to meet regulatory requirements and address any potential issues that can arise in a CRE transaction.” says Derhake. Partner’s extensive professional resources, financial stability, and national footprint means it has been well-positioned to respond to this trend.

Partner has continued to grow its environmental due diligence team across the country to meet the growing demand, and expects another strong first quarter in 2016.