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Partner's Structural Team Completes First-Ever USRC Transaction Rating

Seismic risk analysis is evolving, and Partner's structural team is leading the way by completing the first seismic risk analysis using the Transaction Rating System by the United States Resiliency Council.

New Seismic Risk Analysis offers consistency, transparency and third-party review

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc., is pleased to announce that we have completed the first seismic risk analyses using the Transaction Rating System established by the United States Resiliency Council (USRC), a non-profit organization established in January 2016. As there are known, industry-wide inconsistencies in assessing and calculating Probable Maximum Loss (PML), the goal of the USRC rating is to provide transparency and consistency in the practice of seismic risk analysis, in the interest of making PML a more reliable and meaningful tool in the management of risk.

The USRC Transaction Rating complies with ASTM standards and uses the new FEMA P-58 building specific methodology to calculate earthquake losses. To date, Partner has completed two Transaction Ratings, with three additional reports in progress.

Learn more about the USRC-rated report here.