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Performance Driven: Keep Your Investments on Track

Whether you're acquiring, developing or managing a property, you've got a lot at stake: time, money--maybe even your reputation. You can't allow delays, complications or unexpected costs to interfere with performance. This issue of Partner Insights for CRE Investors will focus on strategies to keep your deals running smoothly through proactive risk management

Managing Risk in Design-Build Projects

Real estate development opportuntities can be fraught with uncertainty and risk. With design-build projects becoming increasingly popular, investors must take steps to ensure projects are completed on time and to plan.   In this feature article from NAREIM Diaglogues, Christopher Ghatak, Partner's Practice Leader for Institutional Investor Construction Services, lays out a structured and strategic approach to construction risk management through physical and financial due diligence.

Environmental Liability: Cost Estimates & Recovery

When your target acquisition site is contaminated, you may think you have two options: pass on an otherwise great site, or get saddled with remediation costs, right? Not necessarily. In this thought leadership post from, Partner's Regional Director of Site Mitigation, Jerry Ostrander, answers questions with environmental attorney Eric Grillé regarding the possibilities for recovering remediation costs through insurance.  

Due Diligence for High-Risk Acquisitions

The difference between passing on a high-risk property investment and completing an acquisition may come down to your due diligence, specifically your property condition assessment (PCA). For equity investors, a PCA should reflect the projected term of ownership and investment objectives, and meet the needs of the varied stakeholders in the deal.  Partner's Executive Director Bob Geiger outlines what you should expect from your Equity PCA in this post on

Comprehensive, Equity-Level Due Diligence for Acquistion of Dallas Office Tower 

Coordinating an army of consultants to complete your due diligence reports wastes valuable time and creates unnecessary complications. Our client, a developer in Dallas, relied on Partner's multidisciplinary team to provide a full suite of reports: environmental, property condition, zoning, ALTA, hazmat and  more, orchestrated through a single point of contact for streamlined and data-rich due diligence. Read more about the project here.