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SBA News & Insights Q4 2018

Energy Savings for Camp Bow Wow

Sometimes we get a really fun project that benefits our four-legged friends! Our sister company, Partner Energy, provided Energy Analysis and the SBA-required 3rd Party Verification report for a new construction dog care facility in Cedar Park, Texas. Partner Energy helped them meet the SBA 504 Energy Generation Public Policy Goal and they will be offsetting their annual energy consumption by 10%. Learn more about this project here.


Fall Conferences NAGGL and NADCO Conferences

Our SBA team is gearing up for fall conferences! Marshall Stanclift and AJ Nosek will be manning our booth in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida next week at NADCO beginning on October 16th. Make sure to visit them at booth 200.

Then, it's a sold-out show at NAGGL in November! Marshall and AJ will be joining Joey Bonin and Terry Dungan in beautiful San Diego, California. We look forward to seeing you there at booth 53.


Is "Green" Dry Cleaning Safe? Well, it Depends... Is Green Dry Cleaning safe?

We get this question quite often and the answer is not so simple. You probably know by now that the Small Business Administration (SBA) requires a Phase I and Phase II for all properties currently or historically operating a dry-cleaning business. Yikes! Well, it's for good reason. Perchloroethylene (PERC) is still the most commonly used solvent in the industry today but it is also recognized as a highly toxic carcinogen that can cause significant health hazards. The desire to move toward greener methods is on the rise but which of these new "green" methods can we really count on to be environmentally safe? Partner's Janet Annan elaborates here.


AJ Nosek Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.SBA Construction Loan Volume is Booming - How Can You Secure That Guarantee? 

The SBA advisory panels have spoken. With construction loan approval volume in SBA skyrocketing, concerns about SOP-appropriate construction monitoring and third-party funds disbursement have surfaced.

As most defaults that occur in construction projects are payment related, the SBA is trying to encourage proactively identifying when issues could arise throughout the construction process. Partner's AJ Nosek elaborates on construction progress monitoring and funds control and how it can help you preserve that SBA guarantee, here.