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Survey: Technology and Real Estate survey examines how technology transform the way we use, build, value and transact commercial real estate assets.

In collaboration with, Partner is conducting a survey on how technology is affecting the real estate industry. The study is geared towards all real estate participants -- lenders, developers, builders, REITs and other investors involved in development projects – and aims to obtain insight into what the industry perceives as the biggest risks and opportunities posed by technological advancements.

What will the next big trends and technologies be, and how will they change demand for various asset types? Which are most exposed to becoming functionally or economically obsolete? And how are technological developments improving the way you make business decisions?

Results will be summarized in a white paper to be published in late summer. The survey is open now and we invite you to provide your input on the subject! As thanks, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a drawing for one of three $100 American Express gift cards.  Your answers are completely anonymous and will only be used to form a composite profile of survey respondents.

Update: Survey responses can be viewed in our White Paper, which you can download via this link.