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Suzi Rosen, PG Serves as Expert Environmental Consulting Panelist at LACBA

Suzi Rosen, PG

Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.’s Suzi Rosen, PG will be speaking at the Los Angeles County Bar Association’s (LACBA) Environmental Law luncheon in September. Ms. Rosen will serve as the expert environmental consulting panelist to discuss strategies and tips for successfully buying, leasing, and developing contaminated properties.

Along with a brownfield real estate specialist and an environmental attorney, the discussion will provide insight on many elements of a real estate deal involving a contaminated property including how to protect your interest and limit liabilities; accurately assess and obtain closure for your site; and navigate the policies and procedures of the government agencies involved in developing a contaminated site.

The lunch meeting, titled Strategies and Latest Development in Buying, Developing, and Leasing Contaminated Properties, will take place on September 26th.