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The Appeal of Green Lending

Published in Real Estate Weekly:

Tony Liou, President of Partner Energy, and Drew McCreery, Technical Director of Agency Services at Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. published an article titled "New Lending Advances Appeal of Green Building" in Real Estate Weekly's Banking and Finance section. In it, they discuss green lending programs and the benefits they offer borrowers who commit to assessing and improving a multifamily property's energy or water performance.

They explain, "...borrowers are required to perform an assessment to identify specific energy-efficiency and water conservation measures. Based on the findings, discounted interest rates and additional loan proceeds can be offered. Buildings that are already green-certified can also get rewarded through the offering because Freddie Mac will reimburse up to $3,500 for the cost of the assessment used for the approved loan, [...] the program offers borrowers with a low-risk incentive to obtain better financing by improving their building's operational performance."

Read the full article from Real Estate Weekly here.

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