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Prepare Your Building For Re-Occupancy

For property managers, facility operators, and asset managers, the current pandemic has had a sudden, unprecedented impact on your properties. In most cases, commercial buildings were closed quickly—without time to create a formal closure plan or allow for proper decommissioning.

To watch a recording of this informative webinar about preparing your building for re-occupancy, click here

Topics will include:

  • Building hygiene concerns as a result of an occupied or partially operating facility
  • Cleaning protocol verification to ensure sufficiently cleaned work or consumer spaces
  • Insurance issues that may be triggered by vacancy conditions
  • Services and solutions to get your business up and running

Partner Engineering and Science’s Pat Lorimer – Director of Operations, Brian Nemetz, CMC – Technical Director Industrial Hygiene/Health and Safety, and Elizabeth Krol – National Client Manager are joined by Jared Dubrowksy, Vice President of NFP to discuss what you need to know and how working with experienced professionals can simplify this complex and unique situation.