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Construction Impacts:
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      Regulatory Actions and Reopening Protocols:

      Identified City, County and State actions expected to have potential impacts on construction activities are below. This list is not all-inclusive. Individual actions should be reviewed carefully to evaluate the actual impact on construction.

      Regulatory orders added/modified are in Blue and below. * An asterisk signifies construction is affected. Unless specified as exempt, those without an asterisk should be reviewed.


      Orders by State

      Alabama (Safer at Home - 4/30-5/15) - Stay at home expired 4/30, and Governor issued a "Safer at Home" order with relaxed guidelines. Construction Exempt - Read More 

      Alaska (Stay at Home - 3/28 -Until further Notice during Phased Re-Opening) - Governon announced Phase 1 of the re-opening of Alaska (more details to be given later today 4/22). Order had extended until further notice (from 4/11 to 4/21). Construction exempt. - Read More | Health Mandates

      Arizona (Stay at Home - 3/31-5/15) - Governor will let order expire on 5/15 and have a new "Stay Healthy, Return Smarter, Return Stronger" order.  (Order had been extended until 5/15, but amended to allow certain businesses to re-open at a limited capacity beginning 5/4. Construction listed under essential infrastructure, which includes (but is not limited to) public works, housing, etc. - Read More | Extension | Stay Healthy Order

      *California (Shelter in place - 3/19 until further notice) - As of May 8, now in Phase 2 of order. Construction given Guidance and Checklist for workplace. Previously, orders in California had appeared to exempt construction of housing, telecommunications systems, utilities, public works, municipal, oil refining and others. Generally, construction at commercial facilities had appeared to be restricted; however, in all cases readers should confirm requirements specific to their properties. - Read More | Essential Needs | Roadmap to Reopening Construction Guidance | Construction Checklist

      *Bay Area Region (Shelter in Place) - Private construction suspended - however resuming on May 4 for 7 counties below; Public works is exempt. (San Francisco CountyAlameda CountyContra Costa CountyLake CountyMarin CountyMendocino CountyMonterey CountyNapa CountySan Benito CountySan Mateo CountySanta Clara CountySanta Cruz CountySolano CountySonoma County)
      San Francisco, Alameda, Berkeley City, Contra Costa (Small & Large Construction), Marin (Small & Large Construction), San Mateo (Small & Large Construction), and Santa Clara (Small & Large Construction) Counties (Orders extended until end of May) - Construction will be re-opening beginning May 4 following county specific safety protocols
      Sonoma (Orders extended until May 3) - Revised order (linked above) are more restrictive of construction.
      Napa County extended stay at home order until further notice. However, all construction is now allowed if following certain protocols (Appendix B - Page 15) of new order.
      Marin County announced extension of order to go beyond 5/3, with some restrictions lifted.
      Los Angeles County, CA (Safer at Home - 3/26-Until Further Notice) - Los Angeles to extend order until further notice. (Previously, order extended from 4/19 to 5/15) - Read More | Revised 5/13 Order | Roadmap to Recovery

      *Colorado (Stay at Home - 3/26-4/26) - Stay at Home order expired Monday 4/27 and has moved to a "Safer at Home" phase; non-critical businesses open with restrictions. Construction, including but not limited to housing, critical infrastructure, and public works is exempt. - Read More | Extended Order |Critical Businesses| Construction Guidance

      Connecticut (Stay at Home - Effective 3/23 - 5/20) - Order Extended from 4/22 to 5/20. Read More |Extension

      Delaware (Shelter in Place, 3/24-5/31) - Order extended to 5/31 with Phase 1 beginning 6/1. Construction exempt. Read More  | List | Extension

      District of Columbia (Stay at Home - 4/1-6/8) - Announced order will be extended (from 4/24 to 5/15) to 6/8. Construction exempt under IV-2-F-i provided they are in compliance with social distancing requirements. - Read More | Extension | 5/13 Extension

      Florida (Stay at Home - 4/3-5/4) - Order expired with Phase 1 to commence; however the order is still in effect for Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Order had been extended order from 4/30 to 5/4. Construction exempt (ex: open construction sites, infrastructure, public works, etc). - Read More | Extension | Phase 1

      *Georgia (Shelter in Place - 4/3-4/30) - Order expired after having been extended from the 13th to 30th. Orders had followed CISA guidelines for Essential Business Qualifications (Exempts: public works construction, essential infrastructure/functions, housing construction, etc.) - Read More | FAQs | Extension Announcement

      *Hawaii (Stay at Home - Effective 3/25-5/31) - Re-opening plan unveiled in newest order - Construction is allowed (Section 3-A-10, pg 6). Stay at Home expired, which had extended from 4/30 to 5/21. Currently under Safer at Home order. Essential Infrastructure exempt. - Read More | Extension | 5/18 Order

      Idaho (Stay at Home - 3/25-4/30) - Order extended fron 4/15 to 4/30. Public works, commercial, and housing construction exempt. - Read More  | Essential Services | Extension Announcement

      Illinois (Stay at Home - 3/21-5/30) - Governor announced order now extended until end of May. Read More | 1st Extension Order

      Indiana (Shelter in Place - 3/24-5/1) - Announced order extended again to end 5/1; was 4/6 then 4/20. Construction exempt under essential infrastructure. - Read More | Extended Order | 2nd Extension

      *Kansas (Stay at Home - 3/30-5/3) - Phase 1 begins 5/4; Phase 2 not before 5/18. Businesses that open must follow guidelines by sector. (previously: an nnouncement of extension from 4/19 to 5/3). Critical infrastructure exempt - Read More | Extension Announcement  | Reopening Kansas

      Kentucky (Healthy at Home - 3/26 until it ends) - Close all non life-sustaining retail businesses. Building and Construction exempt. - Read more | Order

      *Louisiana (Shelter in Place - 3/23-5/15) - State in phase 1 as of 5/15 with platform with documents to open safely. Governor announced extension from 4/30 to 5/15. Essential infrastructure construction exempt (CISA guidelines which exempts: public works construction, essential infrastructure/functions, housing construction, etc.). - Read More | List

      Maine (Stay at Home - 4/2-5/31) - Announced extension from 4/30 to 5/31 with a 4-stage approach to opening beginning on May 1. Mentions construction and maintenance of essential infrastructure exempt. - Read More | List

      Maryland (Stay at Home - 3/30 until it ends) - Order now in place. Construction clarified under interpretive guidance to approve of commercial and residential construction (2-B-vi). - Read More | Read More | Roadmap to Recovery

      *Massachusetts - Construction eligible to re-open May 18 (Phase 1) following construction guidelines. Order for non-essential businesses to close from 3/24 and announced another extension to 5/18 (from 4/7, then 5/5). Critical infrastructure, housing, public works exempt. - Read More | Extended OrderList | New List | Construction Guildelines | Reopening | Industries

      *Michigan (Shelter in Place - 3/24-6/12) - Michigan lifted 4th extension of stay at home order on 6/1 that was to end 6/12 (retailers to reopen 6/4 and restaurants 6/8). Michigan construction resumed May 7 according to Executive Order 2020-70. 3rd Extension until 5/28. Extended order previously from April 13th to 30th to May 15th. Essential infrastructure and services to provide saftey, sanitation, and essential operations of a residence exempt - Read More | FAQs | Extended Order | 2nd Extension | 3rd Extension Orders

      *Minnesota (Stay at Home - 3/27-5/18) - Minnesota loosens stay at home restrictions with Stay Safe order 5/18-5/31 - Construction is allowed under the April 30 Order 20-48 as a non-critical exempt business. Order extended from 4/10 to 5/4 to now 5/18. Public works and essential infrastructure exempt. - Read More | Extended Order | 2nd Extension | Stay Safe Order

      Mississippi (Safer at Home/Shelter in Place - 4/3-5/11) - Order extended a week to 5/11 (from 4/20 then 4/27). Order to close non-essential business. Construction Exempt. - Read More Essential Businesses | Extension | 2nd Extension

      *Missouri (Stay at Home - 4/6-5/3) - Recovery plan frequently asked questions. Extended order from 4/24 to 5/3. Follows CISA guidelines for Essential Business Qualifications (Exempts: public works construction, essential infrastructure/functions, housing construction, etc.) - Read MoreExtension

      Montana (Shelter in Place - 3/28-4/26 & 27) - Phase 1 of reopening extended order to 26th for individual and 27th for non-essential businesses. Order had previously extended from the 10th to 24th. Construction exempt. - Read More | Extended Order

      Nevada (Shelter in Place - 4/1-5/15) - Phase 1 of re-opening beginning early on May 9th despite previous order extending until 5/15 (with some eased restrictions); construction exempt. - Read More | Essential Services | Extension Announcement

      New Hampshire (Stay at Home -3/27-5/31) - Extended order to revised Stay at Home 2.0 which begins reopening parts of the economy. Construction sites/projects, public works, critical infrastructure exempt. - Read More  | Essential Services | Extended Order

      *New Jersey (3/9 until further notice) - Extended until further notice with a Road Back announcement. Construction guidance given beginning 4/10 to cease non-essential construction projects (construction is no longer excluded). Order for non-essential retail businesses to close. - Read More | Extended Order | Road Back

      New Mexico (Shelter in Place starting 3/25 - 5/15) - Announced a new order to extend to 5/15 (from 4/30 and previously 4/6). Commercial, Residential, Public Works construction exempt. - Read More | Extended Order | 2nd Extension | Essential Businesses

      New York (State on "PAUSE" - Extended until 5/15) - Announces regions may open on 5/15 as long as they meet 7 safety criteria available on the Regional Monitoring Dashboard. Construction to re-open in Phase 1 of region's reopening. Essential businesses revised; now all non-essential construction must shut down except emergency construction. - Read More | Construction FAQs | Extension

      North Carolina (Stay at Home - Effective 3/30 -5/8) - Phase 1 started 5/8 and will remain until 5/22. Order Extended until 5/8 (from 4/29) and announced a 3-phased plan for lifting restrictions. Construction allowed to continue. - Read More | Extension | Reopening

      *Ohio (Shelter in Place - 3/23-5/29) - Order extended to May 29; however construction will be allowed to resume by 5/4 following certain protocols in Section 21 of order (pg 8). - Read More | Extended Order | 2nd Extension

      Oklahoma (Safer at Home Guidelines - 3/24-5/6) - 3-Phase reopening began 4/24. Order extended from 4/23 to 5/6. Non-essential business shall cease operations. Construction is exempt. - Read More  | Essential Industries List | Extension

      Oregon (Shelter in Place - 3/2 until terminated) - Construction allowed if following social distancing practices. - Read More

      *Pennsylvania (Stay at Home - 4/1-5/8 or 6/4) - All construction may resume on 5/1 (following strict guidelines), before state order is lifted. Order was extended from 4/30 to 5/8 for Yellow counties and now 6/4 for Red counties. New order applies to entire state. Shut down all construction and other businesses not considered to be life-sustaining. - Read More - List Here | Extension | Amended Extension | Yellow Phase Order

      Rhode Island (Shelter in Place - 3/28-5/8) - Phased re-opening begins Saturday 5/9. Extended from 4/13 to 5/8. Appears to close only retail shops. - Read More | Extended Order | Reopening RI

      *South Carolina (Stay at Home - 4/7-5/3) - The order will be lifted on May 4th and become voluntary status (previously it was without an expiration date). State had followed CISA guidelines which exempts: public works construction, essential infrastructure/functions, housing construction, etc. - Read More | Lifted Order PR | Executive Order Lifting Restrictions

      Tennessee (Stay at Home - 3/31-4/30) - Announced order will expire 4/30 and begin a phased re-opening (excudes Shelby, Madison, Davidson, Hamilton, Knox and Sullivan counties). Order extended from 14th to 30th. Excludes construction-related services. - Read More | Extension

      *Texas (Stay at Home - 4/2-4/30) - Order is lifted, all employers may work following Minimum Standard Health Protocol. Previously had Followed CISA Guidelines (Exempts: public works construction, essential infrastructure/functions, housing construction, etc.). - Read More | Essential Services | Open Texas

      *Austin, TX (Stay at Home - 3/24-6/15) - Order Extended again, however construction is allowed to resume following guidelines (Exhibit D). Unclear guidelines to commercial construction. Public works construction exempt. - Read More | Extension | New 5/8 Extension
      *Travis County, TX (Stay at Home - 3/24-6/15) - Order extended, however construction is allowed to resume following guidelines (Exhibit E). Unclear guidelines to commercial construction. Public works construction exempt. - Read More | Extension | Order Info | New 5/8 Extension

      *Vermont (Stay at Home - 3/25-5/15) - Construction allowed to resume as of 5/4 following their guidance. Extended from 4/15 to 5/15. Construction suspended sans utility system construction or for critical infastructure. - Read More | Critical Businesses | Extended Order

      Virginia (Stay at Home - 3/30-6/10) - Professional (non-retail) services may remain open under the directive's item 8. - Read More

      *Washington (Stay at Home - 3/23-5/31) - Phase 1 - Low risk exisitng construction allowed, remaining and/or new construction sites to open in Phase 2 (see Pg 6). Visit here to see which counties are in Phase 1 or 2. Governor announced he will extend order until 5/31, but will allow some existing construction sites to continue under new safety guidelines. (Previously, Construction Guidance given mentioning general, commercial, and residential construction is not authorized, as it is not essential). - Read More | Extended Order | Phased Approach

      West Virginia (Stay at Home - 3/24 - 5/3) - Safer at home began 5/4. Read More | Safer at Home (Overview)

      Wisconsin (Stay at Home - 3/25-5/26) - Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down order (which had been extended from 4/24 to 5/26). In response, cities and counties have begun re-issuing local orders. Construction is exempt. - Read More | Extension | FAQs

      Jackson, Wyoming (Stay at Home - 3/28-4/17) - Construction exempt. - Read More

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