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COVID-19 FAQs about Partner's Construction Services

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions About Partner's Construction Services

During this time, Partner’s goal is to continue to provide quality services to our clients in an unsurpassed manner, and it is our promise to work tenaciously to accomplish that goal. We recognize that you will have questions and concerns regarding our abilities to deliver services, so we have developed a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning the impacts of COVID-19 on construction progress monitoring and draw reviews. You are encouraged to review this posting often as both questions and answers will be updated as events and concerns change. You may also have an interest in Partner’s broader posting regarding the impacts COVID-19 is having on the construction industry at-large by clicking here.

1)  Do you anticipate delays in providing Construction Progress Monitoring or Draw Reviews?

As of 4/3/20 (2:15 PM PST), while delays in completing construction progress monitoring and draw reviews have become more widespread as more llocal and/or state governments have enacted stay-in-place (SIP) orders and other mandates closing construction sites, minimal would still be the word we use to define the overall impact. Quick adoption of alternative inspection methods as discussed below has contributed as a mitigating factor. Helping construction to dodge a major blow thus far has been that construction, or at least portions of construction, have often been excluded from business reduction and SIP orders. Physical inspections of occupied spaces, especially senior care/elderly facilities, have been all but stopped nationwide. Partner expects that governmental orders will continue to increase resulting in increased impacts, especially to highly dense urban areas such as New York City. Relatively few Partner construction staff have been curtailed because of COVID-19, and we are continuing services on a national scale when and where inspections are lawful and authorized.

2)  Is it still possible for construction progress monitoring and draw reviews to be performed if a physical inspection of the project/site/facility is not possible?

Yes. Alternative approaches include review of photographic/video materials and/or the use of live streaming applications like Skype, Facetime, or Zoom. Reviews conducted in this manner are often called desktop reviews, and Partner is well-versed in this approach. Partner stands ready to work with you and the project team to find new and creative ways to help control risks in this challenging time.

3)  Will you require additional time to complete construction progress monitoring or draw reviews?

As of 4/3/20 (2:15 PM PST), Partner has been able to stay within normal construction progress monitoring and draw review timelines. Of course, a number of factors outside of Partner’s control can make this challenging. Partner will continue to work hard to satisfy all customers’ needs utilizing best practices to ensure both employee and customer safety, and while adhering to all governmental directives. If additional time is needed, or if construction progress monitoring or draw review is not feasible when requested, Partner’s construction risk management professionals will notify clients and stakeholders immediately.

4)  Do you anticipate any interruption to pre-closing construction services such as Document and Cost Reviews and Contractor Evaluations?

No impact is expected to construction related services that do not require site visits. Any impacts to this line of service will likely come from delays in the availability of documentation that could result from business closures and shelter-in-place orders. Partner’s construction risk management professionals will notify clients and stakeholders immediately should there be any delays in providing pre-closing services.