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COVID-19 Risk Management & Response

COVID-19 Risk Management & Response

As we prepare to reoccupy our retail businesses, offices, commercial facilities, schools, and other locations during the COVID-19 crisis, business owners, managers, and others should prepare to assess their space and implement new policies and procedures to mitigate the risks of re-occupying their workspaces. 

Returning to the work environment creates many new challenges for business owners and leaders, including how to adjust the physical workplace, how to address employee concerns about re-occupying their workspaces, whether PPE is required, and what types of typical work activities carry an acceptable risk of COVID-19 transmission. Partner’s re-entry services address these concerns in addition to providing recommendations on modifying work practices to mitigate COVID-19 transmission risk. A detailed assessment of the physical workspace and type of activities onsite, which can be done either virtually or in person, is performed to identify and reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Considering the needs of the employees as well as the building owners and managers is critical to the process.

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