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Asset Data Collection & Management

Comprehensive, quality asset data is the foundation of facility success

Asset Data Collection and Management

Asset Data Collection and Management is a critical component to planning, maintenance, and optimization for your facilities. Your capital plan, maintenance schedule, and improvement initiatives are only as good as the data they’re built on; without accurate, quality data about your building systems and operational assets, the best laid plans may be ineffective. Accurate, comprehensive asset data is foundational to successful ESG programs as well.

Customized Data Solutions for Proactive Facility Management

The specialized architects and engineers on Partner’s Asset Data Collection and Management team inventory equipment and building components to facilitate comprehensive maintenance, improvement, and capital planning programs. We customize metrics and performance indicators to your specific needs. The resulting database can be integrated into a variety of CMMS, IWMS, EAM, and other software. Whether starting a new asset management system or updating an existing one, our team will help you develop a proactive approach to maintaining and optimizing your building. With qualified professionals across North America and Western Europe, we offer unparalleled agility and can deliver consistent, scalable solutions for your entire portfolio, including:

  • Asset Inventory Surveys
  • QR/Barcoding Equipment
  • CMMS/IWMS/EAM Integration
  • Cost Estimate Reserves
  • Operation & Maintenance Assessments
  • Remaining Useful Life Studies
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • ESG Metrics & Reporting